Vincent Verde’s Quest to Make a Film

Vincent Verdi is an aspiring film maker raising funds for a independent production via an indiegogo campaign. I asked him and a few quest about his quest. Here is his story.

Tell me about your feature film project?

I am going to skirt around this a little Matt, as I am trying to keep the film as much as under wraps until its release at Cannes.
The story is ambiguous and is a series of perspectives on someone who is having metal issues, possibly induced.
Its not designed to a joke at mental illness but a serious exploration into what is going on inside this characters head.

How has the Indiegogo campaign been going?

It is a struggle, this is a young person thing or a tool that can be exploited by people with large numbers of followers Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.
It is hard to get people to back a film that does not have a list of ” known” actors. The problem with this principal is that thousands of film are made with “known” actors every year and they fail.    We just never hear of them except when we ventured into a DVD store. History has shown that unique films with unknown cast that have been cleverly put together have in fact broken through the success wall with extreme prejudice towards the “known actor” principal. If I can mention one in particular – Blair Witch is a good example.
I believe the “Known Actor ” principal is something established by the major film distributors and film establishment to dampen the production of independent films.

  What do you think is the biggest appeal regarding indie films?

Indie film are challenging to make, they present interesting ideas and they push the envelope of the art. They tend to go where major production houses and the film establishment will not go. The classic Australian Indie Film was ” Wake in Fright”  this film did what its name suggested, it woke up Australia to difficulties of living is a outback Australia and it frightened the Australia Tourist Commission who had the film banned for export in case it frightened international tourists from visiting Australia. This was a landmark film and it was essentially an indie film.

How did you get involved in film projects?

All film makers are struggling artist, we are all ways looking for a canvas, a tin of paint, brushes and a subject.
It is not a matter of getting involved, we were just born this way “as lady gaga put it” with a bug in our heads to go exploring.
Film projects are both and art and an exploration.

Why should people invest in your project?

In Australia it is illegal to sources film funding for independent film without a registered investment prospectus. This can can cost around $100,000 AUD and its is all legals and fees to a government department. Without this a film maker cannot advertise on any media, not even for $5. It is against the law and those who do find themselves prosecuted by ASIC
The film industry in Australia is heavily policed.
On the other hand the horse racing industry is not policed by any government agency. So if one wanted to sell bogus horse racing software that picks winning horse for $20,000 this is perfectly legal. You can advertise on all media as you wish.
Every year thousand of qualified film makes are pumped out of educational institutions only to find there is no work and no prospects of work because they are not taught that you cannot raise funds.
Most students want to start with indie films, but how can one spend $100,000 in legal fees, when the budget of your film is $10,000 or less. this then send them on a path of making something with a $1,000,000 or more. This path then leads them to the Australian film establishment ” Screen Australia”  the gate keepers of the Australian Film Industry. They insure that no other films like “Wake In Freight” are ever produced again.
So with so many film makers knocking on the same door for funds, soft corruption and favoritism is rife.
 The system in Australia is not workable and needs to be broken.
Hopefully systems like Indegogo will help break this ridiculous situation where government funds for making film are basically spent by Film Establishment bureaucrats to holiday in Cannes.
Put money into a film via Indiegogo is not an investment it is a community contribution. This is important, I do not want to find myself being prosecuted by ASIC.
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Towards a More Glorious Future

Hello avid readers!

Welcome to 2015. As I sit here in my room I ponder the bigger picture of my life and I realize that I need to keep pushing myself to be better. Nothing in life is served on a silver platter. Only hard work through blood and sweat leads to a better future. I know I have the potential for greatness and need to continually push myself to be better than I was the day before.

The things worth having in life are never free. I know exactly what I want from my life and will be working towards my goals. There will be days where I may feel like giving up and crawling back into the comfort of a blanket. But that can not stand! I must push myself to never give in even when things get tough.

Never give up. Never surrender. Aspire to be grow every day.

My name is Matt and I write.

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On Being 29

Hello avid readers,

I turned 29 last month. It feels a little weird saying it out loud but it’s the truth. Here I am in the last year of my 20s trying to take advantage of everything I can at this age. It’s hard to believe it but ten years ago I was living in Jerusalem and having the year of my life. As I look back, I have to stop and wonder if there is anything I would have done differently and the answer is no. I know I made some mistakes along the way they taught me everything I needed to know so that I could became the man I am today.

I’m not perfect by any means but I try to do what’s right. I’m not sure what this year will bring for my life but I’m hopeful that things will continue to improve. I have been writing for a newspaper in print lately….something that some people never thought I would have happen. When people say that you can’t do it: Don’t listen.  (Be sure to check out my latest articles in the credentials section of the page.)


My name is Matt and I write.

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L’Shana Tova!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Everyone!

Hey everyone!

I hope that everyone is doing fantastic. I’ve been pretty busy over here in Washington working hard writing for a bunch of places. I even got to visit a farm for an article I wrote for a local newspaper! (Thanks for the hospitality Caruso Farm!) I’ve been getting into vlogging. Here’s an example below:


In other news I’ve been trying out this drink called Shakeology. It’s a tasty way to get all the nutrients you need to fuel yourself through the day. I’m happy to say that I am fully recovered from the car accident and am slimming down while gaining strength once more.

I have a lot of big plans ahead for the month. First I’m heading down to San Francisco for a wedding and then it’s off to Hawaii for the LOST 2014 Convention and Rosh Hashanah. I’m stoked.

My name is Matt and I write.

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For the Sake of Zion I will Not be Silent

Hey avid readers.

I hope that everyone is staying cool during these hot summer months. Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’re aware of everything that’s been going on lately in the Middle East. I’ve been following the news as I regularly Skype with my friends living in Israel and it amazes me of how uneven the reporting has been.

Yes. It absolutely has sucked for the civilians in Gaza. I feel their pain as they are caught in the crossfire. However, it is Hamas that is to blame for their plight through their network of tunnels that would have led to a major terrorism plot on the Jewish New Year and endless rocket bombardments. Sadly Hamas intentionally sets up their launch sites in the middle of civilian centers making the chance of crossfire all the more likely.

Here is an exclusive video released by FRANCE 24 English that was posted online once the reporters were safely out of Gaza and away from threats to not share such news:

At the same time the people denouncing Israel without understanding that the people there have been under constant threat ignore the massacre of Christians in Syria and Iraq by the Islamic State. I will not show the footage on my blog but take my word for it: I’ve seen some of it and it’s pretty nasty. Will the international community stand silent while the real danger of the Middle East continues to grow into a force that will disrupt the region more than Israel defending itself ever could? Sadly, the answer is likely yes.

I’m signing off by sharing this lovely cover filmed from within an Israeli bomb shelter.

My name is Matt and I write.

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Stressful Clients

Hey avid readers,

Freelancing can be a stressful endeavor from time to time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to deal with people who don’t know their left hand from their right. Out of a professional courtesy I won’t get into specifics but here’s something important to remember: Not everyone is going to like your work. There, I said it. Understand that and keep writing anyway. I just wanted to get that out there. Much of my writing is on other websites these days but I’m glad to have this space to scribble my thoughts.

While I was reading up on how to handle difficult clients; I found a rather funny website that I recommend you check out. It made me laugh after a stressful day.

My name is Matt and I write.

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A Pair of Poems

The Beach

Walk along a peaceful beach

Children happy making sand castles

Pebbles strewn from places all over

Joyous crowds drink from bottles

Palm trees sway gently throughout the day

Water crashes against the shore

Memories are made here every day

Kodak moments happen here

Enjoy the sun shining from above

Apple Tree

Apple tree sways in a field

Children sit beneath giant branches

The stories this tree could tell

Lovers ponder what will happen next

Sons and daughters laugh all night

Sign of comfort through generations

Juicy apples high above

Hold on tight and climb up branches firm

Throw apples into baskets

Savor taste of apples so juicy

Remember the fun at the beach

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Happy Memorial Day

Hello avid readers!

I wanted to wish everyone a happy memorial day. Today I went to a ceremony at the local retirement home for old soldiers that is nearby my house. I had the pleasure of speaking with a 94-year-old gentleman who had served as a Marine in the South Pacific both during WWII and during the post war occupation forces. This kind old man saw things in his life that most of us who haven’t seen war can’t imagine. His service was summed up nicely by his statement that “There were some good others and some days that were more…difficult.”

Today let us pause and reflect on the men and women who fell in the name of freedom and democracy and remember that no matter where we stand on politics; this is one country.

My name is Matt and I write.

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A Simple Message for my Readers


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